“ It was wonderful to hear your story, your wisdom and wit. I love your perception of God, energy and spirit. I knew you were awesome way back when I had a chip on my shoulder with *religion* and we had a discussion in the office kitchen. I was floored when you didn't slam my theory or preach to me lol. You are so inspiring. May you have many many years of love, health and happiness. ”
— Jackie
“ It was with some trepidation and anxiety that I first met with Anne-Marie for an online session via Zoom! Counseling online? Seriously, Anne-Marie combines all of the attributes that I was looking for in a trusted advisor: kind and funny but also serious and no-nonsense. In addition, she provided the spiritual dimension that I requested and which has been lacking in my other counseling experience. Thank you Anne-Marie for your insights and your openness. I am looking forward to taking the next step with the online support group! ”
— Jean
“ I sought out Anne-Marie's counsel and guidance to help me deal with some of my feelings of guilt. Anne-Marie is a fantastic listener, showed a great deal of compassion and empathy and offered very insightful and heartfelt advice on how to care for myself in this process of grieving and letting go. After a session I feel uplifted, empowered, and loved. ”
— Anne H.