Your Authentic Self is youR gift to the world

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It was a really amazing experience. I not only got to know 6 other very special women, I also got to know myself much, much better. Highly recommended even for the most retiring or timid souls out there. Anne-Marie does an outstanding job as moderator.
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Being in this group the last six weeks has helped me in my process SO much!! I felt so supported and so much less isolated. It gave me the courage to fully come out to myself and my husband and then to my kids. And I know I will be connected to the folks in the group for a good long time. Anne Marie is so validating and supportive! Can’t recommend it enough!!

I provide Support through ZOOM online meeting platform for individuals and groups. women from all over world have joined me online for support, education and friendship.

It is a great way to find your tribe!

The Cost of eight 90 minute support group meetings is $150 US.

We meet for a total of eight sessions every other week and stay connected between meetings through a secret online group.

The next Session begins MondaY, October 28, 2019 8:00 PM CST

Not sure about a small group or do not have the financial resources?


i have a secret group on facebook for women who are sharing this journey.

email me a bit of your story and i can tell you about the group AND ADD YOU IF IT FEELS LIKE THE RIGHT FIT.

“ I’m so glad I went to the conference when I did. It was exactly what I needed. It changed my outlook and it got me out of a bad situation and helped me to be ok to not give up. It was especially life changing and it made me realize I wasn’t the only one to have had this life experience. It was so amazing to hear that others went through and had felt so much like I did. I owe it to Anne-Marie and all the ladies that were at the retreat with me ”
— TG


I am trained as a minister and as a professional chaplain.  As an interfaith chaplain I see people no matter where they are on life's journey, from those who describe themselves as religious/spiritual to questioning to "none".  I am also a Compassionate Bereavement Provider through the MISSFoundation.  I am a friend, companion and counselor for people who are in the midst of the coming out process.  I specialize in people coming out later in life, but anyone in this process is welcome to contact me. I have the unique experience of living in the straight world for a long time and coming out as a lesbian.

For those who are interested in coming out support in a private setting I offer one-on-one counseling .  My philosophy is that I am a companion and friend on this journey.  I will offer insight and direction when asked, but my primary role is to support you in the decisions you make in your story.   Access to a cell phone or computer is required to participate in counseling.  

I offer support groups. These are small groups of 6-8 people who are in similar places in the coming out journey who gather for mutual support.  It is an opportunity to provide hear each other's stories, share our experiences, find common threads,  and build community with others who know this shared experience.   We participate in both active discussion and listening around our transition.  

The cost of the online sessions is $150 for eight 90 minute meetings. I can provide a receipt for those who have a FSA account, but I do not take insurance. Our next group begins meeting October 2019.  Please email me and put "Support Group" in the subject line and do not be afraid to share a little of your story as well.  Access to a cell phone or computer is required to join the meeting.  

Being a part of one of Anne-Marie’s support groups has helped me feel more comfortable talking about my sexuality, is helping me to move forward in my life after my divorce and is helping me to do the work as I become the best version of myself. Anne-Marie is a comforting and supportive facilitator who wants everyone in the group to feel heard and validated. I highly recommend signing up and committing to this. It will help you more than you could expect!
— SB


  Curious? i am hear to listen to your story and provide connection to the later in life community.

Sign up for a 30 minute session - Cost is $25.


Coming out Later iN life?

Welcome, welcome, welcome!   I am so glad that you are found this page.  First of all, Congratulations!  I am so happy that you have embarked this journey to acknowledge your sexuality and no matter where you are on this journey you are so very welcome here.  I provide online support, resources and conferences for people who are coming out later in life and those who love them.   If you live in the Nashville area we can meet in person!  

What is later in life?  

That is totally self-defined and I have worked with people as young as 25 and over 70.   

My children

My children


For some of us acknowledging our sexuality is a very difficult thing to do.  Although I know I was attracted to women in my younger years, I thought every straight woman had these feelings and instead of acknowledging them I chose to both ignore and deny.  It wasn't until I was in my early 40's and read a magazine article about the fluidity of women's sexuality was I able to put words to my feelings and experiences.  Over the course of 10 years I tried to come out of the closet three different times. It wasn't until I was ordained as a minister that I found the courage to let go of pieces of my life and embrace the person who I created to be and finally began to live authentically.  You can read my story here


The later coming out process can be challenging as it is a reordering of how we have viewed ourselves in the world.  It often is a sharing of our identity with those with whom we have always sought approval, spouses, children, parents, family and friends.   It is a time of grief and loss, but conversely it is also an experience of finding your tribe and perhaps falling in love with the gender that is correct for our emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  It is an experience of opposites.  It is both difficult and easy, painful and healing, letting go and grabbing hold, bitter and so very sweet.  


Being with people who "get it" is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Being with people who "get it" is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

My partner Tonda and I.

My partner Tonda and I.


I am now several years out of the closet, much changed and healed by this experience.  I moved from New England to Nashville, TN to live with my partner. My partner compare coming out (she has been out for 30 years) to crossing a very deep swift flowing river, that once we are in, we cannot go back and we have to keep going until we are on the other side.  I am on the other side now and want to support the "newbies" and the "sort of newbies" as well as those who are just exploring their sexuality in the LGBTQ community.  Confidentiality and privacy is imperative in my practice and either in one-on-one counseling or in a support group I promise to provide a safe place for YOU to be YOU.


“ It was wonderful to hear your story, your wisdom and wit. I love your perception of God, energy and spirit. I knew you were awesome way back when I had a chip on my shoulder with *religion* and we had a discussion in the office kitchen. I was floored when you didn't slam my theory or preach to me lol. You are so inspiring. May you have many many years of love, health and happiness. ”
— Jackie
“ It was with some trepidation and anxiety that I first met with Anne-Marie for an online session via Zoom! Counseling online? Seriously, Anne-Marie combines all of the attributes that I was looking for in a trusted advisor: kind and funny but also serious and no-nonsense. In addition, she provided the spiritual dimension that I requested and which has been lacking in my other counseling experience. Thank you Anne-Marie for your insights and your openness. I am looking forward to taking the next step with the online support group! ”
— Jean
“ I sought out Anne-Marie's counsel and guidance to help me deal with some of my feelings of guilt. Anne-Marie is a fantastic listener, showed a great deal of compassion and empathy and offered very insightful and heartfelt advice on how to care for myself in this process of grieving and letting go. After a session I feel uplifted, empowered, and loved. ”
— Anne H.