COMING OUT Counseling

I am trained as a minister and as a professional chaplain.  Many people use the word chaplain loosely, but when you meet us in hospitals and hospices we are often rigorously trained.  I participated in  clinical pastoral education completing both an internship and residency.  As an interfaith chaplain I see people no matter where they are on life's journey, from those who describe themselves as religious/spiritual to questioning to "none".  I am also a Compassionate Bereavement Provider through the MISSFoundation.  I am a friend, companion and counselor for people who are in the midst of the coming out process.  I specialize in people coming out later in life, but anyone in this process is welcome to contact me. I also welcome parents of children who are coming out for conversation and support. I have the unique experience of living in the straight world for a long time and coming out as a lesbian.

I offer support groups. These are small groups of 6-8 people who are in similar places in the coming out journey who gather for mutual support.  It is an opportunity to provide hear each other's stories, share our experiences, find common threads,  and build community with others who know this shared experience.   We participate in both active discussion and listening around our transition.  

The cost of the online sessions is $150 for eight 90 minute meetings. I can provide a receipt for those who have a FSA account, but I do not take insurance. Our next group begins meeting July 2, 2019.  Please email me and put "Support Group" in the subject line and do not be afraid to share a little of your story as well.  Access to a cell phone or computer is required to join the meeting.  

Being a part of one of Anne-Marie’s support groups has helped me feel more comfortable talking about my sexuality, is helping me to move forward in my life after my divorce and is helping me to do the work as I become the best version of myself. Anne-Marie is a comforting and supportive facilitator who wants everyone in the group to feel heard and validated. I highly recommend signing up and committing to this. It will help you more than you could expect!
— SB

For those who are interested in coming out support in a private setting I offer one-on-one counseling .  My philosophy is that I am a companion and friend on this journey.  I will offer insight and direction when asked, but my primary role is to support you in the decisions you make in your story.   Access to a cell phone or computer is required to participate in counseling.  

Curious? But not ready to commit?  Let's get to know each other!  Sign up for a 30 minute session - Cost is $25.